I'm excited to welcome you to The Yard Card Pro (TYCP) and introduce you to my family. I have been married to my awesome and amazing husband, Dexter, for 27 years, and we have 3 beautiful, talented, and remarkable children - Deja, Kamryn, and Donovan. We are indeed blessed!

I am grateful and thrilled you’ve considered partnering with TYCP as you commemorate life’s significant milestones and cherished moments such as birthdays, graduations, new baby announcements, and anniversaries for those we love most. Throughout the years - and more specifically during this pandemic - I have come to realize having special people in your life to love and embrace is truly priceless! For the majority of 2020, while the world’s doors were closed, we didn't have the ability to gather with our dearest family and friends, and many momentous occasions were not traditionally celebrated as we envisioned or planned. We were challenged with finding ways to be creative in maintaining connections to our beloved. So, in the wake of what is now deemed our new “norm”, and we continue to navigate social distancing, limited access, and closures, it is imperative, now more than ever before, that we express our love and spread joy and cheer as far and wide as possible to those we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Dr. Maya Angelou said it best...

So how can YOU make your beloved feel special? Instead of sending the typical greeting card, give the extraordinary gift of a personalized yard card with a warm and caring sentiment such as “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” along with their name in colorful sparkling letters! To further enhance the personalization and deliver a deeper feeling of love and adoration, we will also include glittering graphics that showcase your beloved’s interests such as their favorite colors, cartoon characters, sorority or fraternity, sports, fashion, hobby, and/or occupation. Their yard card will absolutely capture who they are and share their story!

As you and I collaborate on bringing your vision to life in one of our yard card displays, we will indeed create those unforgettable memories! I truly appreciate you for allowing me the opportunity to share in these precious moments with you!

To experience the level of our creativity and view photos of some of our recent work of art, please click here.